October 14, 2013

Pumpkin is such a cute word...

Isn't it? Well, anyway, I looove pumpkin, and even though it's not techniqually harvest time in Australia, it's still the time of year that the world focuses on pumpkin recipes!

I'm determined to find a great pumpkin pie alternative recipe, but while searching through pinterest, I found this one...


And then this happened

It's DELISH! Like, we've divided it up so we get equal pieces lol


.... Well? What are you waiting for? ;-)

October 10, 2013

Lunch time just got better!

I've been researching making my own flat bread the past two weeks. There are sooo many recipes out there, it was actually making me more confused than not trying to figure out which to try, what ingredients to use.

I found this one today, and thought I'd give it a go, even though I didn't have coconut flour or psylium.


So, as usual, I made it up as I went along, and it's actually very good, my sister ate her lunch with smiles, mmmmm's and this tastes like café bread... all good signs I hope!

So here is my recipe - I've come to enjoy my sit down to write in my blog after being busy in the kitchen experimenting...


Add to a mixing bowl,

1 cup gluten free flour mix,
1 egg
1 teaspoon salt
Pinch mixed herbs
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 1/2 - 2 cups boiling water ( this could differ slightly depending on flour mix, batter should be of medium-thick consistency and coat a spoon thickly)

Combine flour, egg, salt, herbs and garlic, add coconut oil and then add boiling water gradually.
Whisk whisk whisk!

Season a fry pan with coconut oil and heat up to hot, season with coconut oil, using a ladle, half fill for small bread, full ladle for classic wrap, pour into rounds and once the top is set, wait a little longer, about a minute to cook underside propetly, then turn, wait until the other side is cooked. Let cool or eat warm. Yum!

October 8, 2013

Anyone for Pancakes?

It seems I can't stop cooking lately! I am totally enjoying learning and experimenting with my food changes. The next thing I want to make from scratch, gluten free, dairy free is bread wraps, pancakes, Naan bread, all the wraps :-)

So after looking at a multitude of recipes and getting confused, I decided to do my usual dash of this and splash of that, "feel" way of cooking I've come to enjoy and trust.  I've made pancakes a million times, it can't be that wrong to just switch ingredients and go with my intuition.... Sooo.... this happened, and they taste good! Quite good actually.

Gluten and dairy free pancakes...

Remember these quantities are not exact, everyone likes their pancakes their own way, I like mine slightly thin and cooked through. Add liquid or flour to suit :-)

I began with a cup of almond milk
Whisk in one egg
A pinch of salt
A teaspoon honey
My flour mix consists of - maize and rice flours, maize and tapioca starch. I'm buying Macro brand for now, soon enough I'll work on my own.
I used 3/4 cup of flour and whisk whisk :-)

I used my medium fry pan, heat on 3/4 of the way, I used a small amount of coconut oil before each use and two big spoons per pancake. Once the top is set, flip, wait another 40 seconds or so, out and on to the next one :-)

I tried these as a savoury for lunch, buuuut, I found these were better with a drizzle of honey, almond, cashews, and some shredded coconut. If you are into eating coconut oil solid and straight for health benefits as I am, add some chunks of it too, it makes it taste even more delicious plus adds to your daily quota.

Have fun baking :-) 

October 6, 2013

Dairy Free VEGGIE BAKE, Mmmm!

I love veggie bake, any time, its one of my favourite comfort foods. Its even more delishious on a chilly night for dinner, like tonight.  Being dairy free now I can't make it the way I used to, but have found by using coconut milk as a substitute it is still absolutely scrummy, and I wish you could smell it cooking, mmmm!

I pop my peeled vegetables in my bullet express food processor, on slice blade.  More potatos than anything else, I used about 6 medium - small potatoes, a half an onion, a quarter of a butternut pumpkin, and a third of a head of cauliflower.  But carrots, some broccoli, even some mushrooms would work.

Pop everything in your oven dish, then sprinkle with seasoning of your choice, and pour half a 400 ml can of coconut milk over the vegetables, add a teaspoon of crushed garlic to the other half of the can, mix it about and pour that over the vegetables evenly.

Cover with alimunium foil and put it in the oven for an hour at 180 C

Ding, that's the timer....ready :-)  yum, smell that :-)

It isn't as brown as a normal bake, but it still tastes yummy.  I can't taste the coconut milk at all.

Happy baking xx S

October 4, 2013

Gluten, Dairy Free Caramel Slice for Someone Special

My beautiful sister is the strongest bravest person I know, she's been through some of the worst times imaginable, all while retaining her loving, generous, positive spirit and smile.  She amazes me constantly and inspires me always. She just finished with another surgery and while sitting and chatting with her about our healthy eating plan, she asked if a healthy version of caramel slice could be made... So my mission was set, and after sorting through many Paleo, Gluten free etc recipes on Pinterest, I came across this one.


Mine turned out like this

I followed the recipe for the biscuit base ( yum, I'll use this for other things again)

I followed the chocolate topping, except....I added a heaping tablespoon of stevia granules, ah, my sweet tooth still demands a little more...

The caramel, or condensed milk didn't work so well for me, I don't know why, it had simmered for an hour but wasn't thickening, so, I added two eggs and it thickened up nicely on the stove, plus adds to a richer nicer taste.  I'm so glad I can eat eggs, non cruelty of course from our lovely friends farm :-) 

So that's it, yum! This recipe took some time, but I learnt a lot from it, and it's yummy too :-) plus the smile on my lovely sistors face and clean plate make my heart happy. Love you sooo much my little Laura xxx

Next challenge?.....

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